Loop scheduling/Register Allocation refs.

sanjay@equalizer.cray.com (+Sanjay Krishnamurthy)
Sat, 29 Aug 1992 20:26:16 GMT

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From: sanjay@equalizer.cray.com (+Sanjay Krishnamurthy)
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Date: Sat, 29 Aug 1992 20:26:16 GMT
Keywords: registers, optimize, bibliography
References: 92-08-154

>[Is there} any published paper about the interaction between
>loop scheduling and register allocation and the algorithms for combining
>these two parts?

You might want to look at:

"Register Allocation for Modulo Scheduled Loops: Strategies,
Algorithms and Heuristics," in the proc. of the ACM SIGPLAN
1992 Conf. on Prog. Lang. Design and Implementation,
San Fransisco, June 1992.
A more detailed version appears as a HP Tech. Report(HPL-92-48).

"Compiler Techniques for Optimizing Memory and Register
Usage on the Cray-2," C. Eisenbeis, W. Jalby and A. Lichnewsky,
Intl. Journal of High Speed Computing,
Vol. 2, No. 2 (1990), pp. 193-222.
A conference version of the same paper appears as:
"Squeezing more CPU Performance out of a Cray-2 by Vector
Block Scheduling," Supercomputing 1988, Florida.

The goals of vector register allocation and allocation
during loop scheduling are identical. Hence, try:

"Vector Register Allocation," Randy Allen and Ken Kennedy,
Rice University Computer Science Dept. Tech. Report,
COMP TR86-45.

Somebody more familiar with register allocation than I am
might want to add references to this list.

-Sanjay M. Krishnamurthy
Cray Research Superservers

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