CFP: APL93: Taking a closer look, Toronto, August 1993

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CFP: APL93: Taking a closer look, Toronto, August 1993 rbe@yrloc.ipsa.reuter.COM (1992-08-26)
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From: rbe@yrloc.ipsa.reuter.COM (Robert Bernecky)
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1992 15:38:47 GMT
Keywords: APL, conference, CFP

                                APL93: Taking a closer look
                                  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
                                          August 15-19, 1993

                                                  Sponsored by:
                      Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
                        Special Interest Group on APL (SIGAPL)

                                                  Organized by:
                                                Toronto APL SIG

Program Statement:

APL93 will be a forum for "Taking a Closer Look" at new ideas and innovative
approaches to APL, and examining the language to see how and why it is used
so heavily in some disciplines, yet ignored in others. We are interested
in seeing the applications of APL and APL-related languages, the tools and
facilities that will make the world's most productive programming language
more efficient, easier to use, better integrated into work platforms,
and accepted as a pragmatic language for programming parallel systems.

Actuarial Stream:

In Toronto and many other cities,, there are many actuaries who make use of
APL on a daily basis. At APL93, we will be taking a closer look at
actuarial applications of APL by devoting a conference stream to this
topic. The Program Chair actively solicits submissions in this area,
for presentation to actuaries and other conference participants who attend
this stream.


Authors are invited to submit original technical papers on any aspect of
APL, Nial, J, and related languages. Topic areas include, but are not
limited to:

- Applications of the language in industry and commerce
- Actuarial applications
- Case histories of language use
- Implementations
- Language design
- Language features
- Massively parallel computation
- Novel computing techniques
- Performance evaluation and measurement
- Schools and education
- Tools
- Working environments

Three copies of the original manuscript must be received by the Program
Chair before January 12, 1993. All papers should be typed double-spaced,
in English, and may not exceed 6000 words (approximatley 10 proceedings
pages). Each submission should include a cover sheet containing the paper
titie; the full name, affiliation, complete address, e-mail address, and
phone and fax numbers of each author; a 100 to 150 word abstract, and a
list of up to 10 keywords. Authors should also indicate on the cover sheet
whether they wish their work to be considered as a paper, a poster, or

All material submitted for publications will be double blind reviewed.
Authors' names and affiliations should appear only on a separate cover
sheet, and references and citations should not compromise anonymity.

All authors will received notification of receipt of submissions. Notice
of acceptance for publication will be mailed, along with an authors' kit
detailing layout requirements, by March 12, 1993. Authors must submit
camera-ready copy by April 30, 1993.

The program committee is evaluating the use of LaTeX and e-mail as an
alternatively to camera-ready copy submission. If you wish LaTeX macros,
please indicate this to the Program Chair. They can be sent via e-mail or
by disk.

Exhibits, Wokshops, Tutorials, Posters, Art Gallery, Hands-on Sessions:

A series of related activities are planned for the conference to expand
the scope of interactions among participants. These include:

  Commercial displays and demonstrations provided for the duration of the
  conference. If your company or organization is interested in renting a
  booth, contact the Exhibits Chair for further information. This is the
  world's best APL marketplace!

  Expanding your expertise in various areas related to APL. Among the
  tutorials currently planned are:
    - APL for Actuaries
    - Actuarial Topics for APLers
    - An Introduction to Parallel Computation
    - An Introduction to J
  If you wish to organize a half- or full-day tutorial on Sunday,
  August 15, 1993, please send the Tutorials Chair a detailed proposal,
  outline, brief description of topics, intended audience, contact
  inforamtion (as for paper submissions) and resume(s) of presenter(s).

  Allowing interested parties to discuss specific issues in a small,
  informal forum. If you wish to organize a workshop, please send
  the Tutorials Chair a detailed proposal, including title, description,
  list of invited participants, and contact information (as for paper

Poster Sessions:
  Allowing a one-to-one dialog between the presenter and attendees. Posters
  avoid time constraints associated with presenting a paper, and permit
  deeper discussion of issues to those interested. Posters and one-page
  summary which are received before January 12, 1993, will be reviewed
  by the program committee, and if accepted, the summary will appear in
  the conference proceedings. Posters submitted after January 12 will
  not appear in the proceedings but will provide an opportunity to
  report late-breaking or unreviewed work.

Invited Speakers:
  Participants are encouraged to recommend speakers for APL93. Please
  forward all suggestions to the Program Chair.

Hands-on Session:
  Attendees may book short term use of an exhibit booth for the purpose
  of demonstrating non-commercial software. This is intended to be similar
  to a poster session, but it may make use of a computer and other
  equipment supplied by the exhibitor.

Art Gallery:
  A place to show your APL-related works of art. Contact the Tutorials Chair
  for more information on submission of works.

Birds-of-Feather Sessions:
  There will be the opportunity for attendees to organize topical discussion

APL93 welcomes your suggestions for any and all program activities.

            Leroy J. Dickey, Program Chair

Conference Overview:

The APL93 Conference will take place August 15-19, 1993, in Toronto,
Ontario, Canada. The conference site is the Medical Sciences Building
on the University of Toronto Campus, located downtown. Campus housing and
internationals hotels are available within walking distance of the

With one of the highest concentrations of APL programmers in one city
and home to many pioneers of APL, Toronto is the ideal place for an
international APL conference. Located on Lake Ontario, Toronto
is exciting, vibrant, and cosmopolitan. It is Canada's financial and
cultural center. "Toronto" is a Huron word for "meeting place," a word
which most apyly descrbies one of the most ethnically diverse cities in
the world, with over 80 different cultures represented in its population of
3.8 million people.

The Toronto APL SIG looks forward to hosting APL93. We plan to provide a
variety of visitor activities, in addition to the well-rounded program
described above.

Plan to come to Toronto in August of 1993, and bring family and friends
for an enjoyable and informative experience.

      Larry Moore, Conference Chairman

APL93 Conference Committee:

Conference Chairman: Larry B. Moore

Program Chair: Leroy J. Dickey

Exhibits Chair: Bruce Bolin

Tutorial, Workshops,
  Posters Chair: Jaime Menendez

ACM SIGAPL Liaison: Robert Bernecky

Associate Program Chair: Chris Burke

Facilities Chair: Jennifer Kieffer

Proceedings Editor: Elena M. Anzalone

Publicity Chair: Anne Faust

Treasurer: Ben Best

Information and Registration:
                                          Tel: (416) 777-0608
                                          Fax: (416) 777-0611

Mailing Address: APL93 Conference Committee
                                          Post Office Box 384
                                          Adelaide Street Postal Station
                                          Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 2J5

For an update on the status of APL93, send an e-mail request containing
the text:
        send status

A brief report will be returned.

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