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Francis Wolff <>
Wed, 26 Aug 1992 09:36:41 GMT

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Russian Compiler Books & Courses. (Francis Wolff) (1992-08-26)
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From: Francis Wolff <>
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1992 09:36:41 GMT
Keywords: courses, question, books

I just read a compiler-type book which was translated from Russian. It was
very interesting. The reference is,

      Computer-Aided Design of Language Processors, V. Shangin and P. Timofeev,
      CRC Press, 1992, ISBN 0-8493-7537, QA76.76.T83S53, Library of Congress
      Card Number = 91-38349.

which appears to be published in conjunction with MIR Publishers of
Moscow. Also, this book is part of a series by CRC press called, Advances
in Science and Technology in the USSR.

This sparked several questions,
      (1) Does a book review exist for this?
      (2) This book appears to have been developed for/from a course.
              Can someone e-mail me what books are used in Russian compilers
              courses (i.e. University, book, course title, Professor,
      (3) Also, I am interested in the more general question, of
              what compiler books are used in European Universities, such
              as England, France, Germany, Poland, etc.
      (4) Did the merging of East German Universities with West Germany,
              cause them to redo their compiler courses? What books did they
              previously use before the merge? Russian?

I would greatly appreciate an e-mail response (
And if I get any information & someone is interested in the results, I
will summarize them to comp.compiler. I am always interested in different
perspectives on compiler courses.

Thank you very much,
      Frank Wolff.

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