Re: What kind of grammar does kermit "DEC style" parser use?

Dieter Muller <>
Sun, 23 Aug 1992 05:27:50 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Dieter Muller <>
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 1992 05:27:50 GMT
Keywords: parse
References: 92-08-139 writes:
>The subject line pretty much says it all. What kind of grammar
>drives the so-called "DEC style" parser used by most kermit
>programs? (e.g. "set parameter ?", info displayed, then "set
>parameter" appears on command line with cursor after it)
>Grammars used by particular implementation(s) would be
>appreciated, suggestions on how to do it with less than 4K to
>allocate to it also helpful.

It is based on a stripped-down version of the CCMD library, which is a
C implementation of the TOPS-20 COMND% JSYS call.

The moderator comments:
>I'd expect Kermit's parsers probably use a hard coded driver
>running from hand-written tables.

This is indeed the case. Basically, the program becomes a state machine,
with all sorts of longjmp()s playing havoc with your control flow.
Although you don't have to, what I usually end up doing is having a
function for each element of each command. This allows joining multiple
commands that have a common sub-grammar.

Thus, the following command language implemented via CCMD could have 5
functions defining the grammar:

set <parameter> <value>
show { <null> | <parameter> }

Or you could get by with four, by matching the <null> in the function
handling `show'.

My suggestion would be to get one of the microcomputer versions of kermit
from and modify it as needed.

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