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bburshte@pyrps5.eng.pyramid.com (Boris Burshteyn)
Fri, 21 Aug 1992 22:13:11 GMT

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Full LR(1) Parser Generator bburshte@pyrps5.eng.pyramid.com (1992-08-21)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: bburshte@pyrps5.eng.pyramid.com (Boris Burshteyn)
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1992 22:13:11 GMT
Keywords: LR(1), comment

USSA (Universal Syntax and Semantics Analyzer) is a minimal state full LR1
parser generator. It uses an optimized version of David Spector's
algorithm published in SIGPLAN NOTICES, V.23 N. 12 1988 ("Efficient Full
LR(1) Parser Generation").

USSA is written in C++ and produces tables in the form of C++ objects.
The skeleton parser is also written in C++. USSA has some additional
features such as several grammars in a single source (converted to several
C++ parser objects which can be executed from a single program), multiple
grammar inheritance, regular expressions, real time parsing, generator
(which automatically generates sample sentences of the defined language),
run-time communication between compilers for different grammars, default
lexer... YACC grammar definitions may be easily converted to USSA format.

USSA is already a production quality parser generator and is intensively
used in one of Pyramid Technology Corporation's development projects. We
intend to optimize it to run faster and to produce smaller tables. The
following is a comparison between USSA and YACC on Pyramid S-series
machines (MIPS R3000, UNIX SVR4).

In most cases USSA has better or comparable with YACC tables. Note, that
space is measured in the number of elements. However, YACC generates
tables from int(s) (on PYRAMID), but USSA - from short(s).

Time is min from several runs of YACC and USSA by UNIX time command.

grammar yacc ussa yacc ussa
space space time time
------- ---- ---- ---- ----

ansic 3661 2674 3.0 0.7
ussa(incomplete)2381 1945 0.9 0.6
dBase4 8939 5890 14.8 3.2
f77 4597 4650 3.0 1.3
lex 373 281 1.0 0.0
yacc 563 278 0.0 0.0
pascal 1957 2160 0.9 0.4
prolog 877 784 0.2 0.1

Sincerely, Boris Burshteyn (bburshte@pyramid.com).
[So can we get a copy? Sounds great. -John]

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