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Fri, 21 Aug 1992 16:36:14 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Robert H.B. Netzer)
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Fri, 21 Aug 1992 16:36:14 GMT
References: 92-08-116
Keywords: parallel, debug, bibliography (Dag H. Wanvik) wri
>I am trying to read up on debuggers for concurrent languages and/or
>distributed and/or multithread and/or host/target applications.

The following message was recently posted to comp.parallel:

                                                Bibliography on
                                Parallel and Distributed Debuggers

The 1991/92 update to the bibliography is underway and will be ready this
fall. After three years of hard work, Sue Utter-Honig of Cornell is no
longer working on the project; instead, Rob Netzer of Brown University
will serve as co-editor with Cherri Pancake (now at Oregon State).

If you have published papers or tech reports related to debugging and
would like them included for everyone to see, please send them to us. As
in the past, the bibliography will be published in SIGPLAN Notices, and is
always available via anonymous ftp (but on new machines; see directions

This time we are trying to categorize the papers in the bibliography, so
we would like to receive BOTH a citation (in BIBTEX format) and a hardcopy
version of your papers. These can be sent to either Cherri Pancake or Rob
Netzer, whose addresses are below. Please be sure to include your address
and telephone number so that we can contact you with questions about how
your papers should be classified.

To see whether any of your papers are already in the bibliography, you
can obtain the 1990 update, and the list of papers received since that
update (which we are currently incorporating into the 1992 update; there
was no 1991 update). The available files are

debug_2.0.bib.Z Version 2.0 of the BIBTEX form of a bibliography
                                          on parallel debuggers (revised 9-1-1990)

debug_2.0.rfr.Z Version 2.0 of the REFER form of a bibliography
                                          on parallel debuggers (revised 9-1-1990)

temp_3.0.add.Z Additions (added since 9-1-90) to Version 2.0 of
                                          the BIBTEX form of a bibliography on parallel debuggers

The ftp sites holding the bibliography have changed. It is now stored on ( and (, which
contain identical copies. Files can be retrieved as follows:

1. Open a connection to or through ftp.

                  > ftp > ftp

2. Log on by entering 'anonymous' at the login name prompt; enter your
        e-mail address as the password.

3. Change the transfer mode to binary, and change to the directory containing
        the bibliography:

                  ftp> binary ftp> binary
                  ftp> cd debug ftp> cd pub/pancake

4. Issue the ftp 'get' command to transfer the desired file(s). For
        example, to get Version 2.0, enter:

                  ftp> get debug_2.0.bib.Z ftp> get debug_2.0.bib.Z

Feel free to tell anyone about how to get the bibliographies, but do ask
them to contact us at the e-mail address below so we can include them in
update notifications also. Again, we'd appreciate any corrections or
additions you might know about. Thanks to those who have already


Cherri M. Pancake
Dept. of Computer Science
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331

Rob Netzer
Dept. of Computer Science
Brown University
Box 1910
Providence, RI 02912-1910

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