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Mon, 13 Jul 1992 20:20:25 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.parallel,comp.compilers
From: (Paul Havlak)
Organization: Center for Research on Parallel Computations
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1992 20:20:25 GMT
References: 92-06-136 92-07-026
Keywords: parallel, tools

This is my attempt to clarify the status of Fortran D, ParaScope, PFC,
PTOOL and PSERVE, all of which began as projects at Rice University. Most
are also projects of the Center for Research on Parallel Computation
(CRPC), which includes researchers at Caltech, Syracuse, Tennessee, Los
Alamos and Argonne as well as Rice.

I've attempted to be accurate, but I'm just a grad student. For
up-to-the-minute details, contact Theresa Chatman <>, and
tell her I sent you, so she'll know who to thank :-).

* The ParaScope programming environment is written in C and C++, runs
under X, and includes interactive tools for editing,
analyzing, parallelizing, compiling, and debugging Fortran.
Well, the node compiler isn't interactive.

For information on the distribution status of ParaScope
executables and source, contact Theresa Chatman

* The Fortran D compiler uses much of the analysis and compilation
technology from ParaScope to compile Fortran with data
decomposition annotations to message-passing Fortran.

For information on the implementation and distribution status
of the Fortran D compiler, contact Theresa Chatman

* PFC is a batch system for analysis, vectorization, and/or
parallelization of Fortran. PFC is written in PL/I and is not
available for distribution at all (neither in source nor
executable form).

* The PSERVE dependence server runs a copy of PFC to provide
dependence information by e-mail. Access is open to
researchers at U.S. governmental and educational institutions.
(If you're an international not-for-profit institution, go
ahead and ask; we can try to ease this restriction.)

Access to the PSERVE dependence server is generally arranged
as part of a ParaScope distribution; contact Theresa Chatman
<> for details.

If you have problems with obtaining PSERVE access, or if you
desire information about the PSERVE dependence graph format
(e.g., for use outside of ParaScope), contact me, Paul Havlak

* PTOOL is an obsolete browser for PSERVE dependence files. It is no
longer available.

Paul Havlak Dept. of Computer Science
Graduate Student Rice University, Houston TX 77251-1892
PFC/ParaScope projects (713) 527-8101 x2738

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