Re: def-use and use-def chain... (Preston Briggs)
Mon, 13 Jul 1992 14:12:09 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Preston Briggs)
Organization: Rice University, Houston
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1992 14:12:09 GMT
References: 92-07-025
Keywords: optimize, bibliography

V.C. Sreedhar <> writes:

>I am developing some of the dataflow analysis in our compiler.
>Can anyone point to me an efficient way of representing
>for def-use and use-def chain? I am looking space efficient algorithms
>(bit vectors). I need to represent both du and ud chains.

Check out all the literature on static single assignment (SSA).

Efficiently Computing Static Single Assignment Form
and the Control Flow Graph
Cytron, Ferrante, Rosen, Wegman, Zadeck
TOPLAS October 1991, Volume 13(4)

Among other things, SSA is an efficient way to represent DU and UD
chains. On the other hand, a representation based on bit vectors is
going to require big space and big time to compute.

Preston Briggs

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