Workshop on programming distributed memory multiprocessors (Robert P. Weaver)
Tue, 7 Jul 1992 16:10:08 GMT

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Workshop on programming distributed memory multiprocessors (1992-07-07)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Robert P. Weaver)
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1992 16:10:08 GMT
Keywords: conference, parallel

          Workshop on Languages, Compilers, and Run-Time Environments
                      for Distributed Memory Multiprocessors

                                Final Announcement and Registration

The second Workshop on Languages, Compilers, and Run-Time Environments
for Distributed Memory Multiprocessors will be held at the Clarion Harvest
House in Boulder, Colorado from the morning of Wed., Sept. 30 through noon
on Fri, Oct. 2, 1992. The topics that the workshop will address include:
design and implementation of parallel programming languages; compiler
optimizations to expose or enhance parallelism; support for regular and
irregular data parallel computations; and experience with applying parallel
programming languages and techniques to applications.

The format of the workshop will include 30-minute research presentations
followed by ample time for discussions that are focused around a particular
set of research issues, and one poster session. The papers that have been
accepted for oral presentation are :

    Lattice Parallelism: A Parallel Programming Model for Manipulating
    Structured Non-Uniform Scientific Data Structures
S. Baden and S. Kohn
    Implementing ML on Distributed Memory Multiprocessors
P. Bailey and M. Newey
    Explicit Data Placement (XDP): A Compiler Intermediate Form That Explicitly
    Represents Data Placement and Movement
V. Bala and J. Ferrante
    User Defined Distributions and Alignments in Vienna Fortran
B. Chapman, P. Mehrotra, H. Zima
    Optimal Evaluation of Array Expressions on Massively Parallel Machines
S. Chatterjee, J.R. Gilbert, R. Schreiber, S.-H. Teng
    Program Transformations for Static Process Networks
S. Cox, S.-Y. Huang, P. Kelly, J. Liu, F. Taylor
    The Shared-Memory Language pSather on a Distributed-Memory Multiprocessor
J. Feldman, C.-C. Lim, T. Rauber
    Compiling Parallel Programs for iWarp
T. Gross, S. Hinrichs, G. Lueh, D. O'Hallaron, J. Stichnoth, J. Subhlok
    P++, a Parallel C++ Array Class Library for Architecture-Independent
    Development of Structured Grid Applications
                  M. Lemke and D. Quinlan
    Loop TRansformations for NUMA Machines
                  W. Li and K. Pingali
    Efficiency of Data Alignment on Maspar
                  B. Maniatty, B. Sinharoy, B. Szymanski
    Embedding Data Mappers with Distributed Memory Machine Compilers
                  R. Ponnusamy, J. Saltz, R. Das, D. Koelbel, A. Choudhary
    Kernel-Control Parallel Versus Data Parallel: A Technical Comparison
T. Pratt
    The Design and Design Philosophy of a New Parallel Scientific Language
M. Rosing, R.B. Schnabel, R.P. Weaver
    A Parallel Programming Environment Supporting Multiple Data-Parallel
                  B.K. Seevers, M.J. Quinn, P.J. Hatcher
    Data Dependence Analysis for Compiling Programs on Distributed-Memory
                  S. Sharma, C.-H. Huang, P. Sadayappan
    Orca-1: Overview of A Simple Language Implementation of Phase Abstractions
                  L. Snyder
    High Performance Fortran Status Report
Guy L. Steele, Jr.
    Array Privatization in Distributed Memory Systems
                P. Tu and D. Padua
    Programming Models for Irregular Applications
K.A. Yelick

    The proceedings of the meeting will be published in SIGPLAN Notices; an
advance copy of the proceedings will be provided to each participant at
the workshop. The organizing committee for the workshop consists of
Ken Kennedy (Rice), Chuck Koelbel (Rice), Piyush Mehrotra (ICASE),
Joel Saltz (ICASE), Bobby Schnabel (Colorado) and Bob Weaver (Colorado).

    To preserve the workshop nature of the meeting, attendance will be limited
to approximately 100 persons. Interested participants were asked to
pre-register by May 8, 1992. Space will be reserved for these persons as
long as they register by Aug. 15, 1992. Additional spaces (not many remain
based upon the pre-registrations) will be allocated on a first-come,
first-served basis. To register, please complete the form below and
email or mail it, along with a check for the registration fee, as indicated

Local Arrangements Information :

    A block of rooms has been reserved at the Clarion Harvest House in
Boulder. The Clarion is Boulder's largest hotel and has a full range of
facilities, including excellent sports and exercise facilities. The
conference rate is $56/night single, $76/night double; this rate will be
available until Sept. 1, 1992. To reserve, call 1-800-545-6285 and mention
the "Distributed Language Workshop".

    There are also a number of motels within 5-15 minutes walking distance
from the Clarion. These include:

Golden Buff $62 single
(Best Western) $67 double
1725 28th St. (approx 5 min walk)

The Highlander $46.95 single
970 28th St. $53.95 double
1-800-525-2149 (approx 5-10 min walk)

Holiday Inn $48 single/double
800 28th St. (approx 15 min walk)

Boulder Inn $54-63 single
(Best Western) $59-66 double
770 28th St. (approx 15 min walk)
1-800-528-1234 (Ask for corporate rate for CU Computer Science Dept)

Ground Transportation
    Boulder is approximately 25 miles from Stapleton International Airport
in Denver, Colorado. There is an hourly shuttle bus that stops at the
Clarion, and at any other motel if requested, and costs $9.50 one way.
Details will be sent along with the preliminary program approximately
a month before the workshop.

Conference Banquet
    A banquet will be held at the Gold Hill Inn in Gold Hill, Colorado,
on Thursday evening. Gold Hill is a small, beautiful mountain town
at about 8,200', 1/2 hour to the west of Boulder. Transportation will
be provided; the drive includes spectacular views of the mountains and
plains. The dinner is a full course meal (with wine) and choice of
several entrees will be available (vegetarian upon request).


                                        FINAL REGISTRATION FORM

    Second Workshop on Languages, Compilers, and Run-Time Environments
                      for Distributed Memory Multiprocessors

                        Boulder, Colorado, Sept 30 - Oct 2, 1992

NAME ________________________________________________________

Did you pre-register? Yes ___ No ___
    (If yes, you may skip the next three items)
    (If no, we will inform you upon receiving your registration
      whether space remains at the workshop)

ORGANIZATION ________________________________________________

ADDRESS ____________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS ______________________________________________

Payment for the following is (indicate one): enclosed / being sent separately

        Registration Fee (includes copy of proceedings) : $45.00
        Conference Banquet (optional, $40.00) $
              Please indicate here if vegetarian meal
              desired : ____ _______
        Total $

Please mail a check or money order for this amount made payable to
University to Colorado to
            Carolyn Mich
            Department of Computer Science
            Campus Box 430
            University of Colorado at Boulder
            Boulder, CO 80309-0430

Please either return this form to, or
mail it to the above address.

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