Re: Bison for a PC ?

"Elliot H. Mednick" <>
Thu, 2 Jul 1992 19:41:41 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: "Elliot H. Mednick" <>
Organization: Wellspring Solutions
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1992 19:41:41 GMT
Keywords: yacc, GCC, MSDOS
References: 92-07-007

  > Has anyone ported GNU Bison to a PC running DOS ? I would be
  > particularly interested to hear from anyone with a version that
  > compiles under Borland/Turbo C.

[This would make a good FAQ.]
FTP to either OAK.Oakland.Edu (,
(, or (
(or another SIMTEL mirror), and get
/pub/msdos/txtutl/ (or /mirrors/msdos/... on wuarchive).

Note that BISON uses alloca() which is NOT included in the Borland libs.
A (very) temporary patch is to substute malloc() in BISON.SIM. A (much)
better solution is to get .../msdos/turbo-c/

Elliot H. Mednick P.O. Box 150
Wellspring Solutions Sutton, MA. 01590 +1 508 865 7271

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