Jump Minimization

andy@sail.stanford.edu (Andy Freeman)
Tue, 23 Jun 1992 21:09:24 GMT

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Jump Minimization andy@sail.stanford.edu (1992-06-23)
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From: andy@sail.stanford.edu (Andy Freeman)
Organization: Computer Science Department, Stanford University.
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1992 21:09:24 GMT
Keywords: optimize

"Jump Minimization in Linear Time", by Ramanath and Solomon, ACM ToPLaS,
Vol 6, No 4, Oct 84 pg 527-545 is less than clear. If you've got an
implementation of the algorithm described*, a better description of a
functionally equiv algorithm (even one that is slightly slower), or even
an implementation of a functionally equiv algorithm, please send me


* - It reorders a structured program's basic blocks to minimize the number
of static jumps, that is, to mazimize the number of fall throughs. It
ignores branch frequency/predictions.

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