International Worshop on Memory Management program (Yves Bekkers INRIA/IRISA)
Sat, 20 Jun 1992 17:31:18 GMT

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International Worshop on Memory Management program (1992-06-20)
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From: (Yves Bekkers INRIA/IRISA)
Keywords: conference, storage
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1992 17:31:18 GMT

                            Advance Program and registration information

                              International Worshop on Memory Management

                                                  September 16-18, 1992
                                                Centre de la Briantais
                                                        St Malo, France

The International workshop on Memory Management covers state-of-the-art
research on memory management in programming languages implementations.
The program includes invited talks, reviewed presentations and panel
discussions. The sessions have been scheduled around the areas of

distributed systems,
fuctional programming,
logic programming,
object oriented programming,
incremental garbage collection,
improving locality,
massively parallel architectures.

                                            PROGRAMME COMMITTEE

Jacques Cohen Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, USA

Joel F. Bartlett DEC, Palo Alto, CA, USA
Yves Bekkers INRIA-IRISA, Rennes, France
Hans-Jurgen Boehm Xerox Corporation, Palo Alto, CA, USA
Maurice Bruynooghe Katholieke Universiteil, Leuven, Belgium
Bernard Lang INRIA, Le Chesnay, France
David A. Moon Apple Computer, Cambridge, MA, USA
Christian Queinnec INRIA, Le Chesnay, France
Dan Sahlin SICS, Kista, Sweden
Taiichi Yuasa Toyohashi Univ. of tech., Toyohashi, Japan

                                            Workshop Coordinator

Yves Bekkers Email :
INRIA-IRISA Tel : (+33) 99 84 73 24
Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu Fax : (+33) 99 38 38 32
35042 Rennes Cedex - France Telex : Unirisa 950 473 F

                                          In Cooperation with

University of Rennes I
CNRS-GRECO Programmation

                                            ADVANCE PROGRAM

                                      Wednesday September 16th

                                  09:00 -- OPENING SESSION --

                        J. Cohen, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, USA

                              09:15 -- DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS I --

Distributed Garbage collection,
G. Ringwood, E. Miranda, S. Abdullahi, Univ. of London, United Kingdom

Comprehensive and robust garbage collection in a distributed system,
N. C. Juul, E. Jul, DIKU, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

                              10:30 -- DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS II --

Experience with fault-tolerant garbage collection in a distributed
Lisp system, D. Plainfosse, M. Shapiro, INRIA, France

Scalable distributed garbage collection for systems of active objects,
N. Venkatasubramanian, G. Agha, C. Talcott, HP Comp., USA

Distributed Garbage collection of active objects with no synchronisation,
I. Puaut, INRIA/IRISA, France

                                      13:30 -- PARALLELISM I --

Memory management for parallel tasks in shared memory,
K. Langendoen, H. Muller, W.G. Vree, Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherland

Incremental multi-threaded garbage collection on virtually shared
memory architectures, T. Le Sergent, B. Bartholomieu, CNRS, France

                                  14:45 -- FUNCTIONAL PROGRAMMING --

Generational garbage collection for lazy graph reduction,
J. Seward, Victoria Univ. of Manchester, United Kingdom

A conservative garbage collector with ambiguous roots, for static type
checking languages, E. Chailloux, LIENS-LITP, France

Efficient implementation for coroutines,
L. Mateu, Universidade de Chile,

An implementation of an applicative file system.,
B.C. Heck, D.S. Wise, Indiana University, USA.

                                    17:00 -- DISCUSSION SESSION--

Garbage collection and memory hierarchy,
P. Wilson, University of Texas, USA.

                                            Thursday September 17th

                                    09:00 -- LOGIC PROGRAMMING I

A survey on memory management for logic programming,
Y. Bekkers, O. Ridoux, L. Ungaro, INRIA/IRISA, France

A compile time memory-reuse scheme for concurrent logic programs,
E. Tick, S. Duvvuru, R. Sundararajan, University of Oregon, USA

                              10:00 -- OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING --

Finalization of the collector interface,
B. Hayes, Stanford University, USA

Precompiling C++ for garbage collection,
D. R. Edelson, INRIA, France

Garbage collection-cooperative C++,
A. D. Samples, University of Cincinnati, USA

                                  13:30 -- LOGIC PROGRAMMING II --

Dynamic revision of choice points during garbage collection in Prolog,
J. F. Pique, University of Aix-Marseille II, France

Ecological memory management in a continuation passing Prolog engine,
P. Tarau, Univ. de Moncton, Canada

                                        15:00 -- INCREMENTAL --

Replication-based incremental copying collection,
S. Nedttles, J. O'Toole, D. Pierce, N. Haines, Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA

Atomic incremental garbage collection,
E. K. Kolodner, W. E. Weihl, IBM Science and Technology, Israel

Incremental garbage collection for mature objects,
J. B. Moss, R. L. Hudson, Univ. of Massachusetts, USA

                                    17:00 -- DISCUSSION SESSION

Copying garbage collection is harmful,
D. A. Moon, Apple Computer, Cambridge, USA

                                          Friday September 18th

                                    09:00 -- INVITED SPEAKER --

Thermodynamics of Garbage collection,
H. G. Baker, Nimble computer Corporation, USA

                                  09:30 -- IMPROVING LOCALITY --

Object type directed garbage collection to improve locality,
M. S. Lam, P.R. Wilson, T.G. Moher, University of Illinois, USA

Allocation regions and implementation contracts,
V. Delacour, Xerox Corporation, USA

                                      11:00 -- PARALLELISM II --

A concurrent generational garbage collector for a parallel graph
reducer, N. Rojemo, Chalmers University of technology, Sweden.

Garbage collection in Aurora : an overview,
P. Weemeeuw, K.U. Leuven, Belgium.

                                    13:30 -- MASSIVELY PARALLEL ARCHITECTURES --

Collections and Garbage collection,
S. C. Merrall, J.A. Padget, University of Bath, United Kingdom.

Memory management and garbage collection of an extended Common Lisp
system for massively parallel SIMD architecture,
T. Yuasa, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan.

                                        REGISTRATION FEES-ATTENDANCE

The attendance is limited to 70 participants including the speakers.
The registration fees are:

- Participant 2 000 FF
- Student 1 200 FF

These fees include the right of access to the conference room, the
proceedings, six meals (including the cold buffet on tuesday evening
and the dinner cruise party on "La Rance"), coffee breaks, bus shuttles.

Participants are in charge of their accomodation. There are limited
rooms available in the workshop center. Hotels will otherwise be proposed.

An optional night-tour is planned on Wednesday 16, to visit the "Mont Saint

Registration starts on Tuesday the 15th at 17:00 at the workshop center:

        Le Centre de La Briantais
        30 rue Maurice Nogues
        St MALO France
        Tel (33) 99 81 87 04

A cold buffet will be served at the center between 19:00 and 21:30.

                                                  HOW TO GET THERE

1) By train from Paris

A bus will pick up participants taking the following TGV at their
arrival in Rennes and take them to the workshop center, a one hour drive:

                                        TGV BUS
Paris/Montparnasse ---> Rennes ---> St Malo
15:20 17:25 18:30

For your return, a bus will take you to the following TGV in Rennes :

                  BUS TGV
St MALO ---> Rennes ---> Paris/Montparnasse
16:00 17:10 19:20

Important: reservations are required on French TGV which are usually
fully booked a few days in advance, we can help taking train tickets
and reservations on these two TGVs.

2) By plane via Jersey, the largest of the British Channel Islands

There are no direct flight from Paris or London to Dinard/St Malo, you
must come via Jersey.

- from Jersey, there is a daily, one hour, flight to Dinard airport,
(5 km from St Malo) which arrives at 19:05 in Dinard. Crossing by boat is
also possible and very handy.

- from Paris to Jersey, you can take the 16:40 flight and make your
connection to the Dinard flight.

- from London (Gatwick) to Jersey, there are several daily flights.

3) By plane and boat via Jersey

The Channel Islands are very close from St Malo and there are plenty
of daily large catamarans, almost one every hour, between Jersey and St
Malo, it is only a one hour cruise.


Isabelle Mescam Email :
INRIA-IRISA Tel : (+33) 99 84 71 00
Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu Fax : (+33) 99 38 38 32
35042 Rennes Cedex - France Telex : Unirisa 950 473 F

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