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Fri, 5 Jun 1992 03:10:12 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.theory,comp.parallel,comp.compilers
From: (David Spuler)
Keywords: recursion, question
Organization: James Cook University
References: 92-06-019
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1992 03:10:12 GMT (Steven M. Fitzgerald) writes:

> Can someone give me some pointers to references discussion one
>or more of the following topics;

> 1) Classifications or taxonomies of recursion algorithms.
> e.g. tail recursion, mutual recursion

> 2) Methods or algorithms to transform recursive algorithms.
> e.g. tail recursive algorithm into an
> algorithm using an iterative method
> (via while loop)

> 3) Optimization technics for recursion.

Jon Bentley's book "Writing Efficient Programs" discusses this on p80 and
a few other pages (look up the index), he also refers to Steele and Knuth
as having a detailed discussion:

Bentley, Jon, Writing Efficient Progams, Prentice Hall, 1982

Knuth, D., Structured Programming with Goto Statements, Computing Surveys
vol 6 no 4, Dec 1974, pp261-301

Steele, G, 1977, "Debunking the expensive procedure call myths",
Proceedings of the ACM National Conference (is this perhaps CACM? JACM? I
don't know) Oct 1977, p153-162

> 4) Anything else that might seem appropriate.

I also saw a pretty neat book called "Recursion via Pascal" by Rohl and
Soden Cambridge Uni Press, 1984 which covered how to do lots of things

Hope this is useful,
David Spuler
David Spuler
James Cook University of North Queensland, Australia

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