Workshop on Register Allocation

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Thu, 21 May 1992 16:38:45 GMT

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From: "Chuck Lins" <>
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Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 21 May 1992 16:38:45 GMT

                    Workshop on Register Allocation

                            Thursday, June 18, 1992

                                        8pm til ???

                  Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA.

    (during SIGPLAN Programming Language and Design '92)

The Workshop on Register Allocation brings together leading researchers in
register allocation and practitioners interested in the implementation of
advanced register allocation techniques. The workshop is open to all those
how have lived and breathed register allocation in the past or present, or
are considering living and breathing register allocation in the future.

The workshop is informal, and no special presentations are necessary or
required. The workshop wil start at 8pm at a place to be determined. It
will continue until the participants are sick and tired of talking
register allocation or whenever we get kicked out of our location, which
ever occurs first :-)

I will take notes on the discussions and write a brief paper for SIGPLAN

The precise location will be announced at the SIGPLAN conference, and
posted somewhere (hopefully a prominent location).

The current list of interested parties are (in alphabetical order):

David Bradlee* (
Preston Briggs (
David Gillies (
Robert R. Henry (
Brian Koblenz (
Ron Liebermann (
Chuck Lins (
Chip Morris ( or (soi!
Todd A. Proebsting (
David Wall* (

(The two David's were interested, but may have other committments on this

Anyone else attending SIGPLAN PLDI '92 is welcome to join us. Further
announcements will be made during the conference itself. Look forward to
seeing you all there!

Chuck Lins, Oberon-2 Paladin.

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