Re: Pre-processor for VMS COBOL (Mike Percy)
Wed, 20 May 1992 14:01:41 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,alt.cobol
From: (Mike Percy)
Keywords: Cobol
Organization: Clemson University
References: 92-05-115
Date: Wed, 20 May 1992 14:01:41 GMT (david nicol) writes:

> I am currently engaged in a project that must have been done many
>times over...yes, another pre-processor for VAX COBOL! I have been led to
>understand that VAX COBOL conditional compiling requires the "column mode"
>coding, which at our installation is not in use.

Damn, I'd better go back and change all our code that's been compiled
with VAX COBOL....

Check again, there is a compiler switch (/[NO]ANSI_FORMAT I think) that
controls whether or not the source must be in 1-6,7-72 format.

> The syntax is not a problem, (I have written a context free
>grammar), nor is the output, (COBOL code of course),...its that sticky bit
>in between. If you have any information about Translator Writing Systems,
>or building pre-processors on the VAX VMS platform, or indeed if you have
>been fortunate enough to have experienced this joy yourself, please
>contact me at

For other purposes, I've been working on yacc/lexing COBOL. If you had
success - SHARE! It's certainly a non-trivial grammar.

Mike Percy |
Sr. Systems Analyst |
Info. Sys. Development | mspercy@clemson.BITNET
Clemson University | (803) 656-3780
[David Cohen <iccsap020@spacm1.Spac.Spc.Com> also noted that the compiler
should be able to handle either format. There have been many requests in
the past for a yacc/lex parser for Cobol. The only available one I know of
is the one that comes with Abraxas pcyacc. -John]

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