Call for Papers: POPL'93

fp+@CS.CMU.EDU (Frank Pfenning)
Wed, 20 May 1992 12:59:12 GMT

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Call for Papers: POPL'93 fp+@CS.CMU.EDU (1992-05-20)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: fp+@CS.CMU.EDU (Frank Pfenning)
Keywords: CFP, conference
Organization: Carnegie Mellon University
Date: Wed, 20 May 1992 12:59:12 GMT

                                                    Call for Papers

                  The Twentieth Annual ACM SIGPLAN--SIGACT Symposium on
                                    Principles Of Programming Languages

                      Charleston, South Carolina, January 11--13, 1993

The twentieth symposium on Principles of Programming Languages will
provide a forum for discussion of principles, innovations, and
accomplishments in the design, definition, analysis, and implementation of
programming languages and systems. Reports on experiences with the
application or use of such principles and innovations are encouraged.
Papers presented at the symposium must describe work that has not
previously been published or presented at a conference.

Many seminal papers have been presented at POPL conferences in the past 20
years. In an attempt to preserve and strengthen that tradition and to
maintain broad coverage of the field, the program committee welcomes
papers on a diversity of topics, particularly those that set out new
directions, and is prepared to increase the number of accepted papers to
accommodate them. The symposium is not limited to topics discussed in
previous symposia nor to formal approaches. Authors concerned about the
appropriateness of a topic may communicate by electronic mail with the
program chair prior to submission.

Authors should submit 13 copies (printed double-sided if possible) of a
technical summary of a prospective paper to the program chair. The length
of the summary must not exceed 5000 words excluding bibliography and
figures. Excessively long summaries will be rejected immediately by the
program chair. The summary should explain the contribution of the paper,
both in general and in technical terms. It is important to identify what
has been accomplished, to explain why it is significant, and to compare
with previous work. Papers will be judged on originality, significance,
correctness, and clarity. Authors should make every effort to make the
technical content of their papers understandable to a broad audience.

Submissions must be received by July 27, 1992. They should include a
return postal address and an electronic mail address (if available).
Authors will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of their papers by
September 14, 1992. Full versions of the accepted papers must be received
in camera-ready form by October 20, 1992. Authors of accepted papers will
be required to sign ACM copyright release forms. Proceedings will be
distributed at the conference and subsequently will be available for
purchase from ACM Press.

                                                  Program Chair
Susan L. Graham
Computer Science Division -- EECS
571 Evans Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720 USA
(510) 642-2059

                                                  General Chairs
Mary Van Deusen Bernard Lang
IBM Watson Res. Lab INRIA Rocquencourt

                                                  Local Arrangements Chair
Dee Medley
Augusta College
(404) 737-1672

                                                    Program Committee
Martin Abadi - DEC SRC
Hans Boehm - Xerox PARC
Charles Consel - Yale Univ.
Ron Cytron - IBM Watson Res. Lab
Susan L. Graham - Univ. Calif. Berkeley
Gilles Kahn - INRIA Sophia Antipolis
Monica Lam - Stanford Univ.
James Larus - Univ. Wisconsin
Gary Lindstrom - Univ. Utah
David McQueen - AT&T Bell Labs
Frank Pfenning - Carnegie Mellon Univ.
Guy Steele - Thinking Machines Corp.

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