SIGPLAN Workshop on ML and its Applications (Peter Lee)
Fri, 8 May 1992 15:21:16 GMT

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SIGPLAN Workshop on ML and its Applications (1992-05-08)
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From: (Peter Lee)
Keywords: conference, functional
Organization: School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon
Date: Fri, 8 May 1992 15:21:16 GMT

ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on ML and its Applications
San Francisco, California
June 20-21, 1992

The ML programming language has been an important tool and framework for
research in language design and implementation. As the language and its
implementations have matured, the range of applications has increased
greatly. New applications, combined with new ideas in design and
implementation, have stimulated a large number of significant activities
in research and software development. This workshop, like the previous
workshops in Princeton, Edinburgh, and Pittsburgh, provides a forum for
these activities, with a special emphasis on applications of the language.

SATURDAY, June 20, 1992

WELCOME: 9:00-9:15 a.m.

SESSION 1: 9:15-10:45 a.m. Design and Implementation of ML.
Chair: Michel Mauny (INRIA)

Abstract Value Constructors
William E. Aitken and John H. Reppy (Cornell University)
Efficient Representation of Extensible Records
Didier Remy (INRIA-Rocquencourt)
A General and Practical Approach to Concrete Syntax Objects within ML
Mikael Petterson and Peter Fritzson (Linkoping University, Sweden)

SESSION 2: 11:15 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Code Generators for ML.
Chair: Robert Harper (Carnegie Mellon University)

An Optimizing ML to C Compiler
Regis Cridlig (Ecole Normale Superieure and INRIA-Rocquencourt)
An Efficient Way of Compiling ML to C
Emmanuel Chailloux (LIENS-LITP, France)
Standard ML for MS-Windows 3.0
Yngvi S. Guttese (The Technical University of Denmark)

POSTER SESSION 3: 2:30-4:30 p.m. Applications of ML.
Chair: Peter Lee (Carnegie Mellon University)

A Verification Environment for ML Programs
A. Cant and M. A. Ozols (Defence Science and Technology Organization,
South Australia)
Expressing Fault-Tolerant and Consistency-Preserving Programs in
Distributed ML
Clifford D. Krumvieda (Cornell University)
Implementing ML on the Fujitsu AP1000
Peter Bailey and Malcolm Newey (Australian National University)
Verification of Concurrent Systems in SML
Paola Inverardi (I.E.I.-C.N.R. Pisa), Corrado Priami (University of
Pisa), and Daniel Yankelevich (University of Pisa and HP Labs, Pisa
Science Center)
A File System in Standard ML
Drew Dean (Carnegie Mellon University)
Implementing a Mixed Constructive Logic in Standard ML
James T. Sasaki (University of Maryland Baltimore County) and Ryan
Stansifer (University of North Texas)
Experiences with ML for Building an AI Planning Toolbox
Tom Gordon, Joachim Hertzberg, and Alexander Horz (GMD, AI
Attribute Grammars in ML
Sofoklis G. Efremidis (Cornell University), Khalid A. Mughal
(University of Bergen, Norway), and John H. Reppy (AT&T Bell
ML and Parsing-A Position Paper
Nick Haines (Carnegie Mellon University)

SUNDAY, June 21, 1992

SESSION 4: 9:30-11:00 a.m. Type System Extensions.
Chair: John Mitchell (Stanford University)

Completely Bounded Quantification is Decidable
Dinesh Katiyar and Sriram Sankar (Stanford University)
An Extension of ML with First-Class Abstract Types
Konstantin Laufer (New York University) and Martin Odersky (Yale
Dynamic Typing in Polymorphic Languages
Martin Abadi (DEC SRC), Luca Cardelli (DEC SRC), Benjamin Pierce
(University of Edinburgh), and Didier Remy (INRIA Rocquencourt)

SESSION 5: 11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Applications of ML.
Chair: Emden Gansner (AT&T Bell Laboratories)

Extensions to Standard ML to Support Transactions
Jeannette M. Wing, Manuel Faehndrich, J. Gregory Morrisett, and
Scott Nettles (Carnegie Mellon University)
Programming Images in ML
Emmanuel Chailloux (LIENS-LITP, France) and Guy Cousineau (LIENS,
Distributed Programming with Asynchronous Ordered Channels in Distributed ML
Robert Cooper and Clifford Krumvieda (Cornell University)

REGISTRATION AND HOTEL INFORMATION is available in the "Advance Program
and Registration for the SIGPLAN Conferences, June 15-24, 1992, Fairmont
Hotel, San Francisco, California.


General Chair
    David MacQueen AT&T Bell Laboratories

Program Chair
    Peter Lee Carnegie Mellon University

Program Committee
    Simon Finn Abstract Hardware, Ltd.
    Emden Gansner AT&T Bell Laboratories
    Robert Harper Carnegie Mellon University
    Peter Lee Carnegie Mellon University
    Michel Mauny INRIA
    John Mitchell Stanford University
    Mads Tofte University of Copenhagen

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