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gdr@CS.UCLA.EDU (Gary Rozenblat)
Wed, 6 May 1992 10:42:31 GMT

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Newsgroups: alt.cobol,comp.compilers
From: gdr@CS.UCLA.EDU (Gary Rozenblat)
Keywords: Cobol, parse, tools, question
Organization: UCLA Computer Science Department
Date: Wed, 6 May 1992 10:42:31 GMT

My company, Mark V Systems, has an interest in building or obtaining a
COBOL front-end, and would greatly appreciate any advice/pointers. The
front-end would not be used for compiling, but rather would be used to
create a "reverse- engineering" capability for COBOL. My question is
about resources which are available, including but not limited to the
following -

(1) Any companies which have a front-end for sale, with an interface
          which allows access to the syntax tree and symbol table which results
          from parsing and static semantical analysis;

(2) Any COBOL compiler companies which would be amenable to selling/leasing
          their front-end, with enough source code which would allow us to
          create an interface which would be useful to us;

(3) Any COBOL compiler builders from academia or industry who might be
          interested in contracting to create such a front-end.

Thanks in advance,
Gary Rozenblat
(800) 995-7671
(818) 995-7671
[Abraxas PC Yacc includes a lex and yacc grammar for Cobol-85, which would
be a useful start although far from a complete front end. -John]

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