Special issue of J. Functional Programming on Partial Evaluation

henglein@diku.dk (Fritz Henglein)
Wed, 6 May 1992 09:07:55 GMT

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Special issue of J. Functional Programming on Partial Evaluation henglein@diku.dk (1992-05-06)
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From: henglein@diku.dk (Fritz Henglein)
Keywords: functional, CFP
Organization: Department of Computer Science, U of Copenhagen
Date: Wed, 6 May 1992 09:07:55 GMT

                                                        Call for Papers

                                        Journal of Functional Programming
                                      Special Issue on Partial Evaluation

                                                    Neil D. Jones, editor

The Journal of Functional Programming will have a special issue
devoted to Partial Evaluation. Papers on all aspects of partial
evaluation are solicited:

Fundamentals, including: semantic foundations, program and data
                transformation, mixed compilation, supercompilation.

Techniques, including: algorithms, static analyses, memoization,

Applications, including: compilation and compiler generation,
                matching, applications outside programming languages,
                meta-programming and reflection.

Both theoretical and practical studies are appropriate, as is work
that relates partial evaluation to other areas of Computer Science.

Papers should be submitted by 1 September 1992. Earlier submission
will lead to earlier refereeing. The special issue will appear in the
second half of 1993. Papers submitted later will be considered for a
subsequent regular issue of the Journal.

Papers in PostScript or ".dvi" format should be submitted
electronically (with a plaintext cover letter including authors'
physical and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, etc.) to

Authors who are not able to submit papers in this way may send 4
copies to:

                                                Neil D. Jones
                                                DIKU, Dept. of Computer Science
                                                University of Copenhagen
                                                Universitetsparken 1
                                                DK-2100 Copenhagen

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