Re: Sparc's windowing

Nand.Mulchandani@Eng.Sun.COM (Nand Mulchandani)
Mon, 20 Apr 1992 17:04:31 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Nand.Mulchandani@Eng.Sun.COM (Nand Mulchandani)
Keywords: sparc, architecture
Organization: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
References: 92-04-082
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1992 17:04:31 GMT (Marcel Achim) writes:
|> I'm porting a modula-2 compiler to the sparc and I'm having some
|> difficulties with the Stack pointer, ...

The stack pointer (%sp) must always be doubleword-aligned. When you are
doing things like sub %sp,4,%sp, you are breaking this rule. Although I
don't know the exact problem that you are facing, this could be one of
them. I would also wonder about why you are enlarging the frame using a
"sub" instruction when the "save" instruction does this work for you ?

Hope this helps.

- Nand

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