Building UNIX system V on a SUN SPARC

Wed, 15 Apr 1992 18:11:00 GMT

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From: <>
Keywords: C, sparc, question
Organization: University of Valencia (Universitat de Valencia)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1992 18:11:00 GMT

    I have the source code for building the UNIX System V / SPARC
implementation / Release 4. I will try to build and run it on a SUN SPARC
machine. My doubt is that in the 'Build Instructions' manual it is said:

    "The source code product should be build on a non-DRS6000 computer only
if your cross-compiler is funcionally equivalent to C Software development
System (CSDS) Issue 5. Important features of the CSDS Issue 5 are
    - draft-proposed ANSI C compatibility
    - extensible and linking format (ELF)
    - dynamic linking
    The commands displayed in Fig must be available in your cross-compiler
    compilation commands: cc, acomp, as, ld
    code processor/generator commands: lex, m4, yacc
    auxiliary build commands: nm, ar, tsort, lorder, lint,
        install, make, strip, mkboot"

  And now, the questions:

    1- Has anyone done this building process on a SUN SPARC machine?

    2- Where can I get info on the CSDS? Who is its owner?

    3- There is any compiler (free if possible) for the SUN SPARC
equivalent to CSDS?

    I will strongly thank any useful information
    Please e-mail the answers (unless you consider it is public

    Vicente Cerveron
[The CSDS is AT&T's C compiler package, available from the same places
as SVR4. So where did you get all the source code? -John]

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