Enhanced Amsterdam Compiler Kit

Thu, 9 Apr 1992 20:22:20 GMT

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Enhanced Amsterdam Compiler Kit info@unipress.com (1992-04-09)
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Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1992 20:22:20 GMT

Enhanced Amsterdam Compiler Kit supports ANSI C compiler; 386 and SPARC
back ends; FORTRAN

Version V of the Amsterdam Compiler Kit (ACK), developed by Vrije
University in the Netherlands, is now available with new features and
support for additional processors. It is distributed in the U.S. by
UniPress Software of Edison, NJ.

ACK is an integrated collection of programs for creating portable (cross)
compilers and interpreters; it is used at many universities to teach
compiler design, develop compilers for new languages, and create back ends
for new machines. At commercial sites, ACK functions as a cross-compiler
in multi-machine, multi-vendor sites.

Enhancements in Version V include:

    o ANSI C compiler support
    o fast compiler
    o 80386 back end (code generator)
    o symbolic debugger
    o SPARC back end (code generator)
    o FORTRAN support
    o LINT C program checker
    o new installation procedure, for sites with different
          types of processors but shared file systems

ACK comprises:

    o language front ends for C, Pascal, BASIC, Modula-2,
          Occam, and now Fortran
    o back-ends (code generators) for a large number of machines
          and CPUs, including VAX, 68020, NS32000, Sparc and 80368
    o parser generators and code generators, written in C
    o assemblers, linkers (written in C) and librarian
    o interpreter for intermediate language
    o full libraries for C and Pascal
    o object code conversion utilities

Pricing and Availability

A full ACK source license is available to universities for $995, and
$9,995 for commercial sites. The Amsterdam Compiler Kit is available on
all UNIX systems; please call UniPress for more information and special
requests, such as licenses to resell compilers built with ACK. For more
technical information, please contact UniPress at info@unipress.com, or by
telephone at (800) 222-0550 or (908) 287-2100.

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