Re: binary-compiler from Apple? (David Keppel)
Wed, 8 Apr 1992 01:58:15 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (David Keppel)
Keywords: assembler, translator
Organization: Computer Science & Engineering, U. of Washington, Seattle
References: 92-04-030
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1992 01:58:15 GMT (Tng Tai Hou) writes:
>[Binary->binary cross-compilation?]

I can find a reference but I can't find the orginal... on 9 Nov. 1988,
John Mashey (at MIPS) posted an article (to comp.arch, I think)
descrbing a particularly cute use of binary-binary cross-compilation.

At one time MIPS had compiler tools and they were working on getting
code up and running. They had no MIPS silicon. They could have built
MIPS binaries and run them on a simulator ... slow ... or compiled them
to run on their VAXen ... which doesn't test the compiler tools. What
they did was generate MIPS binaries, cross-compile them to VAX binaries
and then run them.

John estimated that if the VAX was running at the same speed as the
MIPS, they would have seen less than a 2X performance blowup, and they
weren't even trying super-hard to make the binary-binary compilation
generate good VAX code.

;-D oN ( Software solutions to hardware problems ) Pardo

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