Supercomputer Debugging Workshop '92 (Larry Streepy)
Wed, 1 Apr 1992 16:22:48 GMT

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From: (Larry Streepy)
Keywords: CFP, conference, debug
Organization: Engineering, CONVEX Computer Corp., Richardson, Tx., USA
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1992 16:22:48 GMT


Supercomputer Debugging Workshop '92
October 6-9, 1992
(hotel to be announced)
Dallas, Texas

Supercomputer Debugging Workshop '92 will focus on topics relating to
debugger construction and usage in the high-performance programming
environment. The workshop will bring together debugger developers and
users to discuss topics and experiences of mutual interest, and establish
a basis for future collaborations.

Workshop topics of specific interest include:

* User Interface;

* Multi-language support;

* Heterogeneous system support;

* Distributed system support;

* Performance Debugging (profiling integration;

* Parallel processing support;

* Optimized code support;

* Compiler-Tool interfaces;

* Tool internal design (how is the debugger organized)

* Novel debugging approaches (new approaches, like auditorialization)

We invite presenters from the debugger research, development,and user
communities. Please submit an extended abstract of your talk to the
program committee by June 19, 1992. Speakers will be notified of the
final program by July 1 1992. Abstracts are required from speakers only.

Important dates:

Abstracts due: June 19, 1992
Speaker notification: July 1, 1992
Papers due: September 1, 1992
Registration deadline: September 1, 1992
Workshop begins: October 6, 1992

Registration Information:

The registration fee for the workshop is $150 which includes continental
breakfast, refreshments and lunch each day, and a copy of the workshop
proceedings. The late registration fee is $200.

For more information and to pre-register, please contact one of
the following members of the program committee:

Program Chair:
        Larry Streepy, Convex Computer Corp. (

Committee Members:
        Jeff Brown, Los Alamos National Laboratory (
        Bart Miller, University of Wisconsin (
        Cherri Pancake, Auburn University (
        Dennis Parker, Cray Research (
        Rich Title, Thinking Machines (
        Bob Thomas, BBN (
        Ben Young, Cray Computer (bby@Craycos.COM)

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Registration Form

Supercomputing Debugging Workshop '92
October 6-9, 1992
(hotel to be announced)
Dallas, Texas




Electronic mail address:

I wish to give a talk titled (abstract required):

How many minutes do you need for the talk?

If foreign national, please provide the following:
        date of birth:
        place of birth:

Checks should be made payable to "Regents of the University of
California", or "Supercomputer Debugging Workshop '92".

Denise Dalmas, MS-B296
Los Alamos National Laboratory
P.O. Box 1663
Los Alamos, NM 87545
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Larry Streepy, Program Committee Chair, SD '92
Convex Computer Corporation
ARPA: streepy@convex.COM PHONE: +1 214 497 4411
UUCP: uunet!convex!streepy FAX: +1 214 497 4500

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