CHILL compiler for SPARC? (Harald Botnevik)
Wed, 1 Apr 1992 20:28:16 GMT

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CHILL compiler for SPARC? (1992-04-01)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Harald Botnevik)
Keywords: sparc, tools, question
Organization: Kvatro A/S, Trondheim, Norway
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1992 20:28:16 GMT

CHILL is the CCITT recommended programming language (Z.100). We are
developing advanced CHILL based tools for industrial telecommunication
software development.

Up until now our toolchains have been prepared for CISC based host/target
computers. We experience a growing interest for RISC processors also in
telecom ... and we intend to retarget and port our systems to SUN SPARC
and possibly other RISC based workstations. For this effort we need (to
develop) a CHILL compiler for SPARC...

We are presently requesting information on:

        - Available toolkits or re-usable components for making compilers
            back-ends for SPARC or other RISKs

        - Pointers to articles/books/reports on compiler building for
            RISC based targets...

        - Experiences running complex Real-Time softwware on RISCs

I will be very pleased for any help on this!


Harald Botnevik


    Harald Botnevik tlf: + 47 7 520090
    KVATRO A/S fax: + 47 7 520140
    Pirsentret email:
    N-7005 Trondheim
[Have you considered something like a CHILL compiler that produces C code,
which would make porting much easier at the possible cost of some runtime
performance? -John]

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