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Tue, 25 Feb 92 14:43:12 PST

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COCO/R (1992-02-25)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Pat Terry)
Keywords: tools, modula
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 92 14:43:12 PST

Some time ago I think I posted a note about COCO/R, the recursive descent
compiler generator written in Modula-2 to produce Modula-2 scanners and
parsers from an LL(1) attribute grammar of a particularly simple form.

COCO/R was first developed in Oberon by Hanspeter Moessenboeck, and ported
via MacMeth Modula-2 to JPI Modula-2.

I have just completed a revised port (with some errors corrected and
portability improved) to run under JPI, FST Logitech or Stony Brook
Modula-2 under MS-DOS, and mailed a distribution kit back to Professor

The kit includes executables, examples and documentation.

I do not have distribution rights, but as I understand it, the system is
free to academics, and available at a nominal charge to others.

Interested persons should contact Moessenboeck directly; his address is


uucp: uunet!m2xenix!puddle!5!7104!4.101!Pat.Terry


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