Language Processor Generators (Chris Miner)
Tue, 18 Feb 92 10:43:33 GMT-0700

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Chris Miner)
Keywords: tools, question
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 92 10:43:33 GMT-0700

Lately their has been talk of little languages, and their
compilers. I have also heard reference to the usefulness of Lisp, Lex and
Yacc in compiler construction. Although, I am not interested in the
particulars of constructing a compiler, I am interested in languages and
their effect on efficient problem solving.

With this mind, I though it would be good to have a tool
which constructs a language processor, LP, from a specification of the
language. The LP so generated wouldn't have to be efficient in terms of
speed and size. Additionally, for my research I'm not concerned about the
performance of the executable either. I would just like to specify a
language, then use it to solve the problem at hand.

I read the post on Eli, and the associated article in the february
Communications of the ACM. It is an example of one Language Processor
Generator, LPG. Is anyone aware of other such tools or references.

Please respond via e-mail
Chris Miner
[If only life were so simple. How do you plan to specify a language in
terms concrete enough that a computer can handle it? Lex, yacc, and the
like make it pretty easy to specify the syntax with regular expressions and
BNF but beyond that there aren't a lot of well-accepted ways to describe
what happens. In the unlikely event that anyone disagrees with this,
thoughtful and grammatical flamage is as always welcome. -John]

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