Re: Help on smart recompilation (Cliff Click)
Mon, 17 Feb 1992 17:23:01 GMT

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From: (Cliff Click)
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Keywords: tools, performance
Organization: Center for Research on Parallel Computations
References: 92-02-069 92-02-077
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1992 17:23:01 GMT

In article 92-02-077 John Rogers writes:

> I've got some experience using one implementation of smart recompilation.
> It was with an Ada system called the Rational Development System.

I've a friend who uses & swears by it.

> On a million-line project, it doesn't matter how fast the compiler is.

Just another data point:

I worked on a project with 1million BYTES of 680x0 assembly code.
We hand-crafted an 8086-cross assembler.

On a 20Mhz 286 with a ram disk we could ASSEMBLE the entire 1Meg of code in
==> 3 <== seconds. This was in 1987-88. Pro-rate for a 50-Mhz 486.

>From inside your fav editor you could punch a button and in less than 10
seconds get a new copy of the code running in the embedded system.

Blazing compiler speed CAN go a long ways.

Cliff Click (
[Indeed, don't knock fast compilers if you haven't tried them. A while back
at Dartmouth, the compilers for Basic, Fortran, etc. were so fast that nobody
saw the point of saving application object code. -John]

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