VM-friendly GC

whatis@ucsd.edu (Steve Boswell)
8 Feb 92 03:46:19 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.theory,comp.compilers
From: whatis@ucsd.edu (Steve Boswell)
Keywords: storage, question
Organization: UC San Diego
Date: 8 Feb 92 03:46:19 GMT

There was a discussion over in comp.compilers about SML NJ (a Standard
ML compiler) and how its garbage collector thrashed virtual memory.

Has there been any work in VM-friendly garbage collection? My guess
would be to do reference counting and a FIFO freespace list, as a
start, and to split memory up into sub-heaps so marking doesn't cause
all memory to be paged in.

Steve Boswell
whatis@ucsd.edu, whatis@gnu.ai.mit.edu

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