Full-LR(1) Parser Generators

georgev@fiu.edu (Vincent George)
Wed, 5 Feb 92 10:55:36 EST

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Full-LR(1) Parser Generators georgev@fiu.edu (1992-02-05)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: georgev@fiu.edu (Vincent George)
Keywords: LR(1), question
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 92 10:55:36 EST

Based on the research I am doing I was looking for an ftp site for a
full-LR(1) parser generator. Several added features that would be useful
would be one which displays closure items in addition to kernel items in a
state and also an option which displays the lookahead sets which complete
an LR(1) item. I need it to compare/contrast the output from a pure
LALR(1) parse (ie. YACC) which does nothing to resolve: (1) strict LALR
conflict (beyond choosing the first reduce item in a state over a later
one) or (2) the loss of immediate error detection. It seems state
splitting has been a general resolution to LALR conflict which leads to a
discussion of minimal state machines, however, I haven't seen any
methodologies which address the issue of immediate error detection in
minimal machines.

Any comments or references sent directly to me (in addition to the net)
would be greatly appreciated: georgev@fiu.edu


Vincent A. George | Florida International University
Graduate Student | School of Computer Science
Email: georgev@fiu.edu | Miami, FL, USA
Voice: (407) 575-0353 |

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