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Bob Goldberg <>
Fri, 31 Jan 92 23:07:38 -0600

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Bob Goldberg <>
Keywords: optimize, bibliography
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 92-01-131
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 92 23:07:38 -0600

Regarding David Lamb's query about Ershov and partial computation, he
should look at Frank G. Pagan's book

"Partial Computation and the Construction of Language Processors"
Prentice Hall 1991 ISBN 0-13-651415-4

The book describes Pagan's application of partial computation to a lexical
analyzer, LL parser, LR parser, etc. His presentation is practical rather
than theoretical. He feels that the book could serve as a supplement to
the main book in a compiler course. (I agree.)

His bibliography includes the following references:

    Sestoft, P and H Sondergaard, "A Bibliography on Partial Evaluation,"
     ACM SIGPLAN Notices, 23, no 2 (Feb 88), 19-27

    Bjorner, D, A P Ershov, and N D Jones, eds, "Partial Evaluation and
Mixed Computation", North-Holland, 1988


Bob Goldberg

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