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Thu, 23 Jan 92 20:58:07 -2300

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From: (Thorsten Ohl)
Keywords: C, parse
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 92 20:58:07 -2300

> On Mon, 20 Jan 92 15:47:32 GMT, Daniel Tallis <> said:
> As part of my third year project I need to do partial parsing of C
> programs. By partial parsing, I mean all I need to do is delimit each
> individual statement and determine its type
> [...]
> The reason for wanting to do this is that the project is a 'smart editor'
> which 'understands' the program to a certain extent.

`Partial' will have another meaning in this context: since the program is
most probably not a valid C program while you're editing it,
Bison/byacc/yacc might have a hard time parsing it. A somewhat
unorthodox, but very interesting solution for a similar problem can be
found in D. E. Knuth's Web system. The C version (written by Silvio Levy
and DEK) can be ftp'd from But beware:
version 2.0 doesn't recognize ANSI C prototypes yet.

Hope this helps,

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