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Wed, 22 Jan 92 13:58:22 PST

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Steve Chamberlain)
Keywords: linker
Organization: Cygnus Support, Palo Alto CA; Phone +1 415 322 3811
Date: Wed, 22 Jan 92 13:58:22 PST

>[What is b.out format?]

b.out is a variant of a.out developed by Intel for the i960. The major
difference is the exec header which contains the extra fields:

/* Added for i960 */
unsigned char e_tload[4]; /* Text runtime load address */
unsigned char e_dload[4]; /* Data runtime load address */
unsigned char e_talign[1]; /* Alignment of text segment */
unsigned char e_dalign[1]; /* Alignment of data segment */
unsigned char e_balign[1]; /* Alignment of bss segment */
unsigned char e_unused[1]; /* (make struct size multiple of 4) */

Now a bit of history:

Cygnus worked with Intel to produce their GNU i960 tool chain. Intel has
at least two compilers available for the i960, one producing COFF, and one
grown from the GNU tool set using b.out. Cygnus wrote BFD to provide a
mechanism for Intel customers to manipulate object files of either format.
The new GNU BFD binutils not only operate on many different object file
formats, but can also operate on many different object file formats at the
same time. The linker can process input files of different formats at the
same time, ensuring that customers didn't find themselves trapped with
(for example) a COFF library from a third party vendor, but a new tool
chain which only output b.out.

Cygnus Support Steve Chamberlain
814 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA
94301 USA
General (415) 322 3811


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