Oberon-2 YACC/LEX parser available

Stephen J Bevan <bevan@computer-science.manchester.ac.uk>
Thu, 16 Jan 92 01:01:18 GMT

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Oberon-2 YACC/LEX parser available bevan@computer-science.manchester.ac.uk (Stephen J Bevan) (1992-01-16)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Stephen J Bevan <bevan@computer-science.manchester.ac.uk>
Keywords: parse, Oberon, available
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 92 01:01:18 GMT

As part of a larger project, I've written a parser for Oberon-2 using
YACC/LEX (or BISON/FLEX if you prefer). As it seems fairly stable, I
thought I'd make it generally available.

Something I should make clear before anybody attempts to get hold of a
copy is that :-

* This is a bare lexical and gramatical definition, no extra features
    such as building a symbol table or generating an abstract syntax
    tree are included. I do have versions that do this, but they
    probably don't do things the way you would like (e.g. it uses a
    garbage collector), so I haven't included them.

* Because of the above, the parser doesn't do anything special to be
    able to parse Oberon-2s (IMHO broken) function call syntax correctly
    it just uses a looser grammar that allows some syntactically invalid
    phrases to pass through. (Note. that the grammar in the definition
    is also too loose, though not as loose as mine). Again I have a
    version that "does the right thing" with respect to function calls,
    but it does so by shunting the problem off to the "semantic"
    analysis phase. (This is a Prolog program that I guess some of the
    efficiency freaks (read C programmers) in this group would gag at
    the site of)

If you still want a copy after reading the above, then send me a mail
message with the subject line `b-server-request' and the body of the
message containing `send oberon/oberon_2_p_v1.1.shar' i.e. the message
should look something like :-

        To: bevan@cs.man.ac.uk
        Subject: b-server-request

        send oberon/oberon_2_p_v1.1.shar

This should result in the file being mailed back to you. The file is just
under 40K so there should be no problem with mailers rejecting it because
of its size.

If you have any problems with the mail server, just send me a message
without the `b-server-request' in the subject line, or I won't see it.

If you just want more information on how to use the server, send a message
containing `help' to `b-server-request' and if you want an index of all
the files available, send a message containing `send index'


Stephen J. Bevan bevan@cs.man.ac.uk

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