Re: COFF to IEEE 695 Converter? (Steve Chamberlain)
Thu, 16 Jan 92 09:06:50 PST

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (Steve Chamberlain)
Keywords: linker
Organization: Cygnus Support, Palo Alto CA; Phone +1 415 322 3811
References: 92-01-050
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 92 09:06:50 PST

      I'm looking for the other direction: a COFF (Common Object File Format)
      to IEEE-695 format converter.

The new GNU binutils (currently a beta release) use the BFD (Binary File
Descriptor) library. The BFD library allows the binutils to work with any
supported object file format; currently many flavors of a.out and coff,
OASYS, S-Records and IEEE-695.

The linker has been rewritten to use BFD, and can be configured (with a
simple script file) to do a link from any of format and generate an
IEEE-695 image. There is also a `copy' program which will convert between
any of the formats.

I use this method with the GNU tools targeted to the Hitachi H8/300
microcontroller configured for COFF. I use `copy' to translate from COFF
to IEEE-695, and use Microtec's XRAY debugger and simulator on the image.

The conversion process currently looses detailed debugging information,
such as line numbers and automatic variable names. Global names are

The new binutils are available from (in pub/gnu).


Cygnus Support Steve Chamberlain
814 University Avenue
Palo Alto, CA
94301 USA
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