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megatest!djones@decwrl.dec.com (Dave Jones)
16 Jan 92 02:27:35 GMT

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dbx symbols megatest!djones@decwrl.dec.com (1992-01-16)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: megatest!djones@decwrl.dec.com (Dave Jones)
Keywords: debug
Organization: Megatest Corporation, San Jose, Ca
Date: 16 Jan 92 02:27:35 GMT

If the word "stabs" means nothing to you, please ignore the

Does anybody have a Rosetta Stone for the debug symbols in in BSD and Sun
Unix executables for debuggers like gdb and dbx? If so, I sure would like
to have a copy. Also, I have been told that Sun will probably switch over
to the AT&T System V standard format "ELF" someday. I've got the System V
spec, but a quick scan of it turns up no standard form for debugging info.
Is there a standard? If so, what's it called and how do I get one?

Thanks much.

[The debug info for ELF is known as DWARF and there is a very active
group working on it. Write plsig-request@ui.org for details. The debug
syms for dbx seem similar to the COFF ones, the O'Reilly COFF book is a
place to start. -John]

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