Titles posted for Japan Info Proc Soc, 19-21 Oct 1991

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Titles posted for Japan Info Proc Soc, 19-21 Oct 1991 rick@cs.arizona.edu (1992-01-14)
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From: rick@cs.arizona.edu (Rick Schlichting)
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Date: 14 Jan 92 16:08:21 GMT

Courtesy of Dr. David Kahaner from ONR-Asia, most of the titles and
authors for papers presented during the most recent semi-annual general
meeting of the Japan Information Processing Society (JIFIP) have been made
available. The meeting was held in Nagoya in October 1991, and saw more
than 1000 papers presented. Most papers are in Japanese, although almost
all have English titles. Some have English abstracts and a small
percentage are entirely in English.

Below are the session titles for the conference. The titles and authors
for all sessions except those marked as (OMMITTED) have been posted to
comp.research.japan. They are also available for anonymous FTP from site
cs.arizona.edu [] under the filenames

Rick Schlichting
(moderator, comp.research.japan)


Proceedings of 43rd International General Meeting
Oct 19-22, 1991
Nogoya University


Book 1

General Information Science (OMITTED)
          Eduction (1)
          Education (2)

Basic Theory and Basic Technology
          Numerical Analysis
          Information Theory and OR

          High Speed/Broad Area Communication System
          Protocol and Implementation
          Protocol Specification Description and Verification
          Implementation and Code of Protocol
          Inter-connection Technology
          Group Ware and E-mail
          Distribution Processing
          Network Control System
          Network Control Technology
          Network Control Information

Applications (OMITTED)
          Application to Traffic/Architecture
          Application to Enterprises
          Application to Arts

Book 2

Artificial Intelligence and Recognition Science
          Pattern Recognition
          Character Recognition
          Software Design Assisting Expert System (ES)
          Scheduling ES
          ES Building Tool
          Design ES
          ES Building Method
          Various Kinds of ES (1)
              " " " " (2)
          Neural Network Applications
          Neural Network Theory (1)
          Neural Network Theory (2)
          Moving Image Understanding
          3D Object Recognition
          Optimization Algorithms and Applications
          Image Recognition
          3D Restoration
          Emotion Information

Voice and Image Processing
          Image Recognition and Coding Scheme
          3D Measurement and Image Recognition
          Image Processing System
          Image Processing
          Computer Graphics (CG) Systems
          CG Modeling
          CG High Speed Scheme
          CG Hardware
          Voice Analysis/Synthesis/Recognition
          Voice Understanding

Book 3

Artificial Intelligence and Recognition Engineering
          Knowledge Representation/Knowledge Acquisition
          Hypothetical Reasoning/Qualitative Reasoning
          Reasoning Method
          Rule Study/Refining
          Language Analysis
          Morphological Analysis
          Sentence Analysis
          Grammar/Sentence Generation
          Natural Language Interface, etc.
          Machine Translation
          Conversation Understanding
          Context Analysis
          Proofreading Assisting System
          Kana-Kanji Transaction, etc. (OMITTED)

Data Processing
          Japanese Language Input-Output, and others
          Document Processing
          Multi-media Processing (1)
          Multi-media Processing (2)

Book 4

          Operating System (OS)-1 Parallel/Dispersion Processing
          OS-2 Development Concept/Implementation
          OS-3 File System
          OS-4 Real Time/Multi-Processor
          High Speed Database
          Database Design
          Distributed Database
          Multimedia Database
          Object-Oriented Database
          Database Application
          Information Search System
          Database User Interface
          Query Language and Query Processing
          Database Machine
          Software Basic Theory

Dependability and Safety
          Dependability/Secrecy Protection

Book 5

          LISP Processing System
          Verifier/Unified Development Environment
          Debugger and Parallel Development Environment
          Creation Assistance and Group Ware
          Parallel Language Processing System
          Software Tool
          Language Processing System
          Computation Model
          Specification Description
          Compila Optimization
          Object-Oriented Model
          Object-Oriented Language

Software Engineering
          Program Development Environment
          Distributed Development Environment
          Development Control (1)
          Test Debug
          Development Control (2)
          Software Process
          Software Design Assistance
          Object-Oriented Development
          User Interface
          Micro Computer Development Environment

Book 6

          Parallel Inference Machine
          Processor Architecture
          VLSI Architecture
          Parallel Processing System
          Parallel Processing Algolythm/Application
          Dispersion Shared Memory/Synchronization System
          Dataflow Computer
          Theory Verification/Programming Data Control
          Theory Synthesis
          Layout (1)
          System Planning/Function Planning
          Layout (2)
          Delay Analysis/Test/Performance Evaluation
          Layout (3)

          Dialogue System
          Dialogue Application System
          On-line System
          System Evaluation/Verification


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