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22 Nov 91 14:17:50 U

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From: "Chuck Lins" <>
Keywords: Pascal
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 91-11-043 91-11-065
Date: 22 Nov 91 14:17:50 U

Thanks to Pat Terry for pointing out that the books were published by Halstead
Press. These references were at home and I was doing this from memory.

The following references may also be useful:

Jim Welsh and Atholl Hay, "A Model Implementation of Standard Pascal",
Prentice Hall, 1986 (ISBN 0-13-586454-2)
[Complete source and commentary to an implementation of ISO Standard Pascal.
Derived from the original P4 compiler. Much improved and enhanced. Includes
source to a P-Code interpreter]

P.C. Capon and P.J. Jinks, "Compiler Engineering Using Pascal", MacMillan
Education, Ltd., London, 1988 (ISBN 0-333-47155-5)

Michael Rees and Dave Robson, "Practical Compiling with Pascal-S", Addison
Wesley 1988 (ISBN 0-201-18487-7)
[A compiler text based on Wirth's Pascal-S. Enhanced and claened up,
additional commentary.]

Chuck Lins

            Chuck Lins, Oberon-2 Paladin.


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