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21 Nov 91 17:44:27 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: (David A. Hasan)
Posted-Date: 21 Nov 91 17:44:27 GMT
Keywords: Pascal
Organization: UTexas Center for Space Research
References: 91-11-043 91-11-065
Date: 21 Nov 91 17:44:27 GMT

In response to Chuck Lins' comment

> >The source to the original P-4 compiler for the CDC was published by North
> >Holland a number of years ago. >There was also commentary in a small
> >companion volume, that was a very good critique and explanation.

Pat Terry wrote

>The books I have, which I think must be the same, were published by Ellis
>Horwood in 1982.

>Title: Pascal implementation - the P4 compiler
>Authors S Pemberton and MC Daniels
>ISBN 0-85312-358-6 (Book)
>ISBN 0-85312-437-X (Compiler listings)
>ISBN 0-470-27325-9 (Halsted Press)

I recently found these two companion volumes (text and source code) at a
used book store. The following week, S.Pemberton posted the source to
comp.sources.misc, so it is available from various archives. I found it
by FTP'ing to (user: ftp) and getting into the appropriate
volume/directory. A periodic index is posted on comp.sources.misc which
reviews what is stored in what "volumes". That information should be
sufficient to find the archive of the compiler source.

(This thread was originally a request for a P4 compiler, wasn't it?)
  | David A. Hasan

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