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lins@Apple.COM (Chuck Lins )
14 Nov 91 18:19:44 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: lins@Apple.COM (Chuck Lins )
Summary: Several books available
Keywords: pascal
Organization: Apple Computer Inc., Cupertino, CA
References: 91-11-043
Date: 14 Nov 91 18:19:44 GMT

In article 91-11-043 (Carl PETERSON) writes:
> I am currently studying compilers in college and have heard that there
>exists a (some what) universal Pascal compiler called (I believe) P-4. It
>supposedly was designed to be used accross a number of platforms (of
>course the back-end differs from machine to machine).
> Does this and its source code exist? Is it available?

The source to the original P-4 compiler for the CDC was published by North
Holland a number of years ago. (I'm not at home where the book is, and so
I don't have the title handy.) There was also commentary in a small
companion volume, that was a very good critique and explanation.

There is also a volume called 'An Implementation of Standard Pascal'
published by Prentice-Hall. This contained the complete source to a
standard compiler (P-Code object file) for ISO Pascal (first release).

I'll make a note of the correct book names, publishers, and authors tonite
and post tomorrow (Friday) if someone else hasn't beaten me to the punch.


ps: Both books make be out-of-print. The first reference may be very
difficult to find.
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