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Mon, 11 Nov 1991 14:47:47 GMT

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From: (Paul Stachour)
Keywords: optimize, code
Organization: SCTC
References: 91-10-061 91-11-027
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1991 14:47:47 GMT (Dale R. Worley) writes:
sm>(Stavros Macrakis) writes:
sm> Reasonable programming languages let you define your own
sm> representations while allowing higher-level operations to be oblivious to
sm> that representation. This allows you to change representation based on
sm> tuning data and architectural considerations on each installation.

>To get full value out of this idea, you should be able to specify the
>representation on a variable-by-variable basis.

No, not on a variable-by-variable basis. Remember the one-write rule.
You define a alternate-type for the type, make a representation for each
alternate-type, and then make each variable of the proper alternate-type.
[Ada already does this; it's called derived types; that's one of
the reasons I like Ada: I can govern the representations as much or
as little as I like/need.]
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