Using yacc and lex for implementing a C++-translator ( )
11 Nov 91 10:42:20 GMT

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Using yacc and lex for implementing a C++-translator (1991-11-11)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
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Keywords: yacc, lex, attribute
Organization: Siemens AG, Munich, W-Germany
Date: 11 Nov 91 10:42:20 GMT

We here at Siemens (ZFE IS SOF 31) are planning to build a translator
using the Unix-tools yacc and lex. This translator must be capable of
reading any C++-source, creating a symbol table during the translation,
and adding some new code to the original sources. Since yacc does only
provide synthesized attributes, the following questions arise:

  - Is it possible to develop a complete translator
      using only synthesized attributes ?
  - If this is not the case, how can we simulate
      inherited attributes ?

all suggestions and hints are welcome

Michael Stal
[You can always do inherited attributes by walking the parse tree yourself,
which is what most C compilers do for value numbering and the like. -John]

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