Re: Mixing Alsys with Verdix -- is it possible? (Geoffrey Clemm)
1 Nov 91 12:13:31

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Newsgroups: comp.lang.ada,comp.compilers
From: (Geoffrey Clemm)
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Keywords: Ada
Organization: Compilers Central
References: 91-10-115
Date: 1 Nov 91 12:13:31

In article 91-10-115 shuksan! (Scott Moody) writes:

      I am working in an environment where Alsys Ada is the 'standard' Ada
      compilation system. Most of my work has been done using the Verdix Ada
      system on Sun's.

      Does anyone know if these two environments can be mixed? I know that
      normal languages would allow this (eg C,Pascal...)

No, normal languages do not allow this. It is a compilation/linking question,
not a language question. Two compilers allow this if they happen to use
compatible subroutine call conventions and linking formats.

      but Ada has that
      runtime environment that must be the 'main'. i have hooked Ada and C
      together with Ada being the master.

That's because Alsys Ada has provided call-in/call-out capabilities with
your C compiler.

      My hope is to have one of the two Ada's be the master and not run the
      other's runtime system.

      [Whatever happened to Ada's vaunted extension-free portability? -John]

Extension-free portability has nothing to do with whether or not the output
of two Ada compilers can be linked together.

[My question about portability is really why, if Ada is supposed to be so
portable, you need to splice together the output of two compilers. Can't
you run all your source through one or the other? -John]

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