C to Fortran77 converter?

24 Oct 91 15:07:57 GMT

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C to Fortran77 converter? lilley@vax2.graphics.manchester-computing-centre.a (1991-10-24)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.fortran
From: lilley@vax2.graphics.manchester-computing-centre.ac.uk
Followup-To: comp.compilers
Keywords: C, Fortran, translator
Organization: Manchester Computing Centre CGU
Date: 24 Oct 91 15:07:57 GMT


We are looking for a C -> Fortran77 converter. It doesn't need to be very
clever, we only wish to convert fairly simple programs written in a C
subset, but there are thousands of such programs, so a tool is indicated.
Obviosly we are happy to do some manual polishing of the converted source.

Can anyone supply pointers to suitable programs? Preferably FTP'able, but
we are also interested in commercial programs.

Chris Lilley lilley@v2.cgu.mcc.ac.uk
Lin Fenqiang lin@v2.cgu.mcc.ac.uk
Computer Graphics Unit,
Manchester Computing Centre
University of Manchester,
[A similar question was posed last December and received no answers. I
imagine it should be straightforward to start with one of the many C
parsers lying around and have it generate Fortran, at least for the
easy pointer-free stuff. -John]

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