Writing a COBOL Compiler

23 Oct 91 00:10:06 GMT

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Writing a COBOL Compiler mloikkan@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU (1991-10-23)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.lang.misc
From: mloikkan@Bonnie.ICS.UCI.EDU
Keywords: Cobol, question
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: 23 Oct 91 00:10:06 GMT

We are about to begin writing a COBOL compiler -- don't ask why -- (Microfocus
II/COBOL '85 compatible). We really don't know that much about COBOL,
let alone the considerations to be aware of in writing a COBOL compiler --
we are going to have to learn. Anyway, we are looking for any and all
information on the subject. If anyone out there knows of any books/articles/
journal papers that deal with specifics of COBOL compiler writing, I would
appreciate it if you could send such info my way (direct email please).
Thank You.
[There have been many requests for a free yacc Cobol parser, but there does
not seem to be one. Writing one should be slightly tricky due to glitches
in the Cobol grammar and would likely blow out most versions of yacc due to
the enormous number of reserved words. -John]

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