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15 Oct 91 18:21:42 +0930

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
Keywords: parse, LR(1)
Organization: University of South Australia
References: 91-10-036
Date: 15 Oct 91 18:21:42 +0930

In article 91-10-036, (Steve Boswell) writes:
> What sort of easily-describable or commonly-occuring grammars are
> ambiguous for any amount of lookahead? I'm implementing an
> object-oriented parsing engine and I'd like to take all the work of
> resolving ambiguity away from the end programmer. ...

Some time ago I wrote a paper showing how you can build a deterministic 2PDA
by allowing limited inclusion of non-terminals in the follow sets for LR(k)
states. This technique is not particularly difficult and can parse a wide
class of grammars unambiguously. It is O(n) in efficiency, when applicable.
The parser is a generalisation of the LR(1) parser.

The paper was presented at ACSC-10 1987 and is in the proceedings.
I can send a copy to anyone interested. It is called:

Bob Buckley, "Relaxing a Rightmost-First Restriction"

Bob Buckley

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