lex/flex incompatabilities

jk@cs.man.ac.uk (John Kewley ICL)
4 Oct 91 08:52:02 GMT

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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: jk@cs.man.ac.uk (John Kewley ICL)
Keywords: lex, question
Organization: Department of Computer Science, University of Manchester UK
Date: 4 Oct 91 08:52:02 GMT

The version of flex that I have disallows the %a %p, ... directives needed
when I use lex. I would like to have a lex files which will work for both
systems. Does anyone have any neat way of conditionally including them or
any other hints about how to get flex to turn a blind eye to them.

Apart from yywrap (needs undefing if defined) what other problems might I
have with flex/lex compatibility.

John M. Kewley, ICL, Wenlock Way, West Gorton, Manchester. M12 5DR
Tel: (+44) 61 223 1301 X2138 Email: jk@fiveg.icl.co.uk or jk@cs.man.ac.uk

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