ftp-site for Scheme partial evaluator Similix up again

Anders Bondorf <anders@hugin.diku.dk>
Fri, 27 Sep 91 17:37:08 +0200

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ftp-site for Scheme partial evaluator Similix up again anders@hugin.diku.dk (Anders Bondorf) (1991-09-27)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers
From: Anders Bondorf <anders@hugin.diku.dk>
Keywords: Scheme, FTP
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 91 17:37:08 +0200

A few weeks ago the self-applicable partial evaluator Similix was
announced in this newsgroup. Unfortunately our ftp-directory machine
went down shortly after and was unstable for several days.

The machine is now up and running.

Here is how to ftp Similix:

ftp ftp.diku.dk

login: anonymous
password: <your full e-mail address>
cd misc
get Similix.tar.Z

To decode the file Similix.tar.Z, run

uncompress < Similix.tar.Z | tar xvpf -

A directory named


then appears. Now read the file README in the Similix directory.

Best regards,

Anders Bondorf

DIKU, Department of Computer Science
University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 1
DK-2100 Copenhagen \O

e-mail: anders@diku.dk

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