Help: Cray compilers (Richard Baldwin)
Thu, 26 Sep 91 9:36:03 EDT

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Help: Cray compilers (1991-09-15)
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Newsgroups: comp.compilers,comp.unix.cray
From: (Richard Baldwin)
Keywords: question, Cray, history
Organization: Compilers Central
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 91 9:36:03 EDT

I want to do a paper on the evolution of the compiler technology of the
Cray and Japanese machines (Cray architectures). I want to look at how
the compilers have changed as the machines have evolved. What innovations
have been included, what techniques are used to optimize the code, does
the compiler do any parallelization on its own: these are the type
questions I want to answer. Did the compiler motivate the hardware change
or did the hardware motivate the compiler change?...

Can anyone suggest some appropriate journals, texts, tech reports that
might I may be overlooking? Is there anyone in the North Carolina, South
Carolina, Georgia, or Chicago area that might be willing to let me read
through your Cray manuals (Fujitsu and Hitachi, too)? Your experiences
and/or contacts would be appreciated.

Where I am looking already: Two Cray X-MP manuals, the ASPLOS proceedings,
SIGPLAN, the various proceedings I used as references in my paper last
spring (same machines). I think getting stuff on the Japanese computers
will be my biggest hurdle.

Do Cray, Fujitsu, and Hitachi have publications like the IBM Research
Journal? If so, can someone give me a name/addr/... of a good person to

Thanks for whatever you can throw my way,
Richard Baldwin
Dept of Computer Science
Clemson University

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