BEG - Back End Generator
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BEG - Back End Generator (1991-09-23)
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Date: Mon, 23 Sep 91 16:48:16 N

BEG - Back End Generator

The BEG system builds code generators from declarative descriptions. It
therefore decreases effort necessary to build code generators and
increases reliability and portability of the resulting compiler.

The declarative description is rule based. Code selection is done by a
kind of tree pattern matching. BEG can also produce local register
allocators suitable for a great variety of target machines.

BEG uses an efficient implementation technique for the generated code
selector. It produces hard code, so no table interpretation is necessary
at compilation time. BEG has been used to produce a code generator which
can replace the hand written one of the fast GMD Modula-2 compiler Mocka.
The resulting compiler could translate itself. It was about 10 percent
slower than the original one. Codegenerators for MIPS and SPARC have also
been generated.

BEG produces Modula-2 or ANSI-C code. BEG is available in object code for
Sun-3, Sun-4 and DecStations, as well as in Modula-2 and C source code. It
comes with a 45 pages manual.

BEG is available on tape. If the user does not intend to use the system
for direct commercial advantage and does not want to sell products con-
taining code produced by BEG the tape can be obtained from GMD for a
handling fee of DM 500. You are required to sign a lincense agreement.
Please contact me to obtain a copy of the order form/license agreement.

In neither case does GMD assume any responsibility for the use and
reliability of the system. GMD has no obligation to maintain the system
nor to provide customer support and service.

Please contact:
Helmut Emmelmann
GMD Forschungsstelle an der Univertitaet Karlsruhe
Vincenz-Priessnitz-Str. 1
W-7500 Karlsruhe 1 Germany
Tel: 49-721-6622-15
Fax: 49-721-6622-968

    - H.Emmelmann, F-W.Schroeer, R.Landwehr:
          BEG - a Generator for Efficient Back Ends,
          Proceedings of the Sigplan'89 Conference on Programming
          Language Design and Implementation Portland, Oregon, 1989,
          Sigplan Notices, Vol. 24, Number 7, July 1989
    - BEG User Manual (available from GMD, comes with BEG in Postscript)
    - H.Emmelmann: Automatische Erzeugung effizienter Codegeneratoren
          Diplomarbeit, GMD Studie 158, Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik
          und Datenverarbeitung mbH - Sankt Augustin, ISBN 3-88457-158-3
          (in German)

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